Welcome to the New Holland Farmers Fair!

The 2014 fair will be held on Wednesday October 1st thru Saturday October 4th.

The 2013 Fair Opens with Parade

Staff Writer preilly@lnpnews.com

The 87 members of Octorara High School's marching band made their way through the judging area on Main Street in New Holland Wednesday night with precision.

Wearing a sport coat and tie, John Villella ran around the band on the street, making notes on a chart. The associate dean for the College of Visual Performing Arts at West Chester University was inspecting the band's lines and spacing.

Standing on a platform off to the side, Greg Martin, West Chester's associate director of bands, listened to the music to gauge how well Octorara's musicians performed together, and whether their sound was crisp and melodic.

The annual Spectacle of Bands Parade at the annual New Holland Farmers Fair is fun for the crowd, but serious business for the high school bands and the float builders entered in the respective contests.

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Baby Parades

Baby parades are popular at Lancaster County farm fairs.

Jim Landis sent us a photo of one entry back in the early 1950s.

He wrote:

"That is me in the New Holland Fair Baby Parade, and I was told by my mother that we won the blue ribbon. That is my sister, Barbara, pulling the wagon, and my mother, the mastermind of the 'float,' a wagon with the boxing ring constructed by my two sisters, Barbara and Carol. I am not sure of the exact year, but I was born in 1949. ... My guess is 1952 or 1953."

Note young Jim is waving to the crowd.

Jim said that the boxing gloves in the ring belonged to his "Grandpa Mac, my namesake, James MacGee."

"Any time we kids got to arguing at my grandparents home in Hershey, Grandpa Mac would pull down the attic stairs from the bedroom ceiling and retrieve those gloves, and tell us if we wanted to get nasty with each other, here were the gloves. This would always lead to a fascinating drama of laughter, some tears, lots of yelling and cheers from the rest of the family. ...

"I remember it being one of the many lessons about the foolishness of violence taught to us by my family, guided by our pacifist Church of the Brethren upbringing."

Jim did not grow up to be a boxer, but peacemaker. He spends much of his time umpiring softball games.
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