Nature and Human, The Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is an indoor bamboo plant, that the Chinese people deemed auspicious. Due to its popularity in the Chinese culture, the Lucky Bamboo plants are heavily commercialized and often, made into different forms and shape.

Unharvested lucky bamboo (Dracaena Sanderiana) has large green leaves unlike the regular bamboo. In fact, most of the commercial lucky bamboo went through heavy touch up and alteration before they are sold to the consumers looking for their auspicious feng shui plant. Despite the artificial aestheticism, these altered lucky bamboo often don’t survive long.

Here is an article on where to buy lucky bamboo that articulate how the arrangement of these lucky bamboo is killing the plant. The lucky bamboo in its original form may not be the sexiest plant, but it has its own charm. The commercialized lucky bamboo plant while became more “decorative”, it has lost its natural beauty, and become a mere human ornament.

From an art perspective, human intervention to nature art form often end up disastrous. The art of nature is sophisticated, beyond the understanding and imagination of common human beings. And in this case, lucky bamboo is a good example.

Unharvested Dracaena Sanderiana:

Here are some examples of how commercial lucky bamboo looks like:


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